APA Feedback and Verify

The value of ongoing feedback!




Know who you can trust

There are more businesses and products than ever and it is hard to know as a pet owner who to trust.  With APA Approved, you know the business or product you use is committed to a higher standard and you can use them with confidence.





Let your customers know!

You are in business to sell your product or service, and you are committed to the best, but how do you let pet owners know this? There are many factors that are important to your success; A good price, a great product or service and an effective marketing plan. Being APA Approved enhances all aspects of your business and produces measurable results.





25 years; The best reputation in the pet industry

The APA has a spotless reputation. This is because we try very hard to do what is right, every time. We pass up on huge advertising dollars because we can't afford to be influenced, we do not approve businesses or products that are questionable, we establish policies that are fair and in the best interest of our companion animals.  The APA is fair, committed and honest, because you count on us to be and we owe it to our companion friends.





Verify Approval


APA Approval Number

The APA Approval number is necessary in order to verify approval.  If you do not have the number, you should be able to call the business and ask them for the APA Approval number.  If they do not give it to you, report it to us and we will call and ask them for their number anonymously. If they do not provide it to us, they can lose their approval.


You can also find their approval number in the APA Approved logo as seen below.


Samples of where to find approval numbers are below.


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APA Approval

Only the ethical need apply!

Product Testing

All products are physically tested by the APA or in the case of large numbers of similar products (ie. leashes of different colors), some are tested and others are inspected.

Ongoing Testing

Test products remain in use until the end of their useable life. Each year additional products can be requested if there has been a design change, different materials are used, or if the testers feel additional testing is required.

Consumer Feedback

Testing a few products gives us great information about the product, its usefulness, safety and value to pet owners.  But the feedback from thousands of pet owners is priceless.

Company Background and ethical business practices

Have you ever had a company say they will call you back and do not, offer a refund that never arrives, treat you rudely or offer a product that isn't quite what they say?

Those are not APA Approved businesses!