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Know who you can trust

There are more businesses and products than ever and it is hard to know as a pet owner who to trust.  With APA Approved, you know the business or product you use is committed to a higher standard and you can use them with confidence.





Let your customers know!

You are in business to sell your product or service, and you are committed to the best, but how do you let pet owners know this? There are many factors that are important to your success; A good price, a great product or service and an effective marketing plan. Being APA Approved enhances all aspects of your business and produces measurable results.





25 years; The best reputation in the pet industry

The APA has a spotless reputation. This is because we try very hard to do what is right, every time. We pass up on huge advertising dollars because we can't afford to be influenced, we do not approve businesses or products that are questionable, we establish policies that are fair and in the best interest of our companion animals.  The APA is fair, committed and honest, because you count on us to be and we owe it to our companion friends.




APA Approval for Pet Businesses & Services


"I was truly impressed with the thoroughness of the testing that the APA did and I have been told by several people in the trade that it is very meaningful to gain their accreditation.  I'm now using their approval logo in all of my advertising and marketing materials and I think it serves well as one more vote of confidence to potential buyers.  From my experience, I would highly recommend the APA testing and approval process."

Denise Woods
Snap 2 It, LLC


A letter in 2008 from an angry pet owner made a big change for us here at the APA. This woman had a serious problem with a pet care business she had recently used. One paragraph stood out and called us to action.


"Even with some recent government regulations, you cannot tell if a business owner is kind to the pets in their care, is a fair and honest business person or that their facility is a safe and humane environment for my pet. What are you doing about it?"


In 2010, this woman, and the many others, concerns were confirmed. In a 2010 poll, 27% of pet owners said they would not take their pet to any groomer, kennel, trainer or use a pet sitter because they were "unsure if their pet would be treated humanely".


Since 1991 APA Members have turned to us to recommend products, services and facilities. This is not something we have taken lightly.  APA Members know they can count on us for an unbiased position on all pet issues. We do not accept corporate donations or sell advertising at our web sites or newsletters; this allows us to remain unbiased in our decisions.


The Approval Department was made to meet this demand for all pet owners. The APA's ethics are the highest in the industry and this department is a perfect example. Our approval fee is solely to cover the process of approval, and approval is never guaranteed. We encourage feedback from all consumers and every feedback form is personally addressed by an APA Employee.


The only Business Approval that includes Humane Treatment of Animals, Cleanliness and

Safety of Facility AND Ethical Business Practices of the Owner and Employees.


APA Approval Package & Benefits

APA 5 Star Approval provides a complete testing of a product, or inspection of the facility and processing of the application and references.  Ongoing feedback is monitored to be sure the approval is current and APA Feedback is made available to the business owner to help them better their business operations.


With your Approval, you receive APA 5 Star Approved Artwork, APA 5 Star Approved Stickers (businesses), Feedback Cards (businesses) & APA 5 Star Approved Certificate.


The value of APA Approval!

  • Get more new customers: When someone is new to your area, gets a new pet or just is looking for a new pet service provider, the APA Approval makes the choice easy.
  • Keep more of your existing customers: Even if you are already very busy, you know you have done 1/2 of the job. Keeping those customers is just as tough as getting them in the first place. Customers not only need to know that you have an ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality service, but validation that you are providing the service behind the scenes that they hope you are. APA Approval provides this for you.
  • Receive referrals directly from the APA, from our web pages and provided directly to Members.
  • Use the APA Approved Logo: You earned it, be sure to use it! Use of the APA Logo increases the effectiveness of all of their advertising.
  • Use of the APA Feedback Program, a secure online forum that allows customers to leave feedback and businesses to review and address the feedback. APA can even help address concerns for you, or mediate, for a small fee.

Benefits of the APA Feedback System

  • Being able to encourage feedback can help stop a bad reputation from developing.
  • Most upset customers will not complain at the facility, but will go online to complain. When a customer goes online to complain emotions are reduced and the feedback is more factual.
  • APA Feedback is not public, so fake feedback has no value to dishonest people.
  • Business Owners can encourage APA Feedback when they do not have staff capable of handling complaints.
  • Business Owners can encourage APA Feedback for unreasonable customers who will often not carry through or can enlist the APA to help the customer to understand the situation.
  • Positive Feedback is helpful for a successful business and uplifting for staff.

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