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Know who you can trust

There are more businesses and products than ever and it is hard to know as a pet owner who to trust.  With APA Approved, you know the business or product you use is committed to a higher standard and you can use them with confidence.





Let your customers know!

You are in business to sell your product or service, and you are committed to the best, but how do you let pet owners know this? There are many factors that are important to your success; A good price, a great product or service and an effective marketing plan. Being APA Approved enhances all aspects of your business and produces measurable results.





25 years; The best reputation in the pet industry

The APA has a spotless reputation. This is because we try very hard to do what is right, every time. We pass up on huge advertising dollars because we can't afford to be influenced, we do not approve businesses or products that are questionable, we establish policies that are fair and in the best interest of our companion animals.  The APA is fair, committed and honest, because you count on us to be and we owe it to our companion friends.




About the APA Approval Process


Please visit www.myapaonlne.org for organization information


Approval Process

If you are interested in having your product, service or business approved there are five steps to the program.

  1. Initial Review

  2. Product Testing or Facility Inspection 

  3. Reference and background check

  4. Approval Report

  5. APA Web Page and Feedback System

Initial Review

The APA has a pre-determination process to decide if a product meets testing guidelines or a business is eligible. For example, we are currently not testing foods or chemicals. Each product or company must be individually evaluated.

The fee for approval varies depending on the business or product. In most cases the fee is less than five hundred dollars. The fee will be determined after the initial review. If you are looking to have a product approved, you should be prepared to provide enough product for proper evaluation.


Product testing or facility approval

Products are tested in real world environments by APA staff, APA members and associated humane and veterinary facilities.

Services and facilities are either personally visited or have to submit detailed photos, references and facility policies, which are all reviewed and confirmed.


Reference or background check

The APA has an innovative reference checking procedure that helps to eliminate fraudulent information. References are able to be effectively checked assuring the APA Approval is accurate and of great value to consumers.


Approval Report

A report is issued as to the results of testing or inspection in most circumstances. When an approval is issued, camera ready approved logo artwork, facility plaque, and approval stickers are sent to the facility along with guidelines for their use. The product or business will also be featured at our web site. If a product or business does not pass, and the required improvements are made, it may enter the approval process a second time at no charge.


APA Web Page and Feedback System

A web page is developed for you at our main site, myapaonline.org This page is used to link your APA Approved Logo to in order to provide more information for your customers about your Approval.  In addition, the page is web searchable so it can come up in searches when a new customer is researching your business or product.


The Feedback System is setup within 30 days of Approval. You can refer customers to the Feedback System through the APA Feedback Cards and other methods you choose.


Customers are encouraged to leave positive, neutral and negative feedback.

Businesses are encouraged to check, and address feedback daily.



To get started, please select the proper department below for your business. Or if you have already read the information and would like to apply, please go here.





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